It's not just the act of selling that demands your attention. Sales presentations, forecasting & reporting along with royalty statements can be time consuming essentials around the business. With over 30 years business experience in the games market we have the tools and experience to help lighten that load.

Royalty Reports

We will deliver regular and accurate reports to transparently show how well your game is performing. Taking care of any outstanding royalties is handled with ease thanks to our automated systems. Knowing your income, cash flow and outstanding obligations helps you focus clearly on what efforts you can invest to improve and update your game.

Sales Forecasting

This is absolutely essential but even more-so is keeping sales information accurate and up to date. We deliver regular sales forecasts in a professional and accurate manner. Accurate forecasting, planning and response to changing situations are the key to continued profitability and life cycle management.

Sales Presentation

Getting your game into retail stores both digitally and physically is our expertise. Your game is the superstar and we’re here to stick it on the podium it deserves. We are a tried and tested publisher and with our established relationships, we guarantee maximum exposure for your product.

Sales Reporting

Real time sales reporting has never been more crucial in this seemingly nebulous digital era. Who controls that information? We do! We’ll report sales data from all retail and digital outlets. Cash collection and credit control are points which also shouldn’t be overlooked.
    Bob Hooey
  • If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.
    Bob Hooey