Marketing needs to be developed at the same time you plan your game's development. Discovery is key and putting your game under our spotlight ensures further reach.


A publisher knows that marketing and PR are not the same thing. Looking at the cost of marketing as a percentage share of net revenues over the last five years reveals steady growth on digital platforms. Business, whether selling games or anything in-between, is about relationships. The key in this instance is being able to send an email or make a phone call to a journalist, a blogger, a YouTube personality etc, and have it opened, read and answered. It’s not self-publishing it is publishing. You may not have the time for this, but we certainly do with the contacts and experience. We bring creative branding and marketing knowledge to independent video games.

Your success is our goal.


Harnessing cost effective specialist PR Networks, spanning the entire world our experienced team will deliver discovery through a multitude of services such as social media, advertising, hands-on events and of course, getting your game onto the biggest websites across the globe. Discovery is key and we will work tirelessly to place the spotlight firmly on your game.


You own the creative rights to your game. Unlike other companies we are clear that our goal is to earn revenue from driving your sales not from owning your game. Developing games is your skill so why not play to your strengths? We'll play to ours and at the same time reduce your hassle by creating the assets which you don't have time for such as marketing, pack-shots, trailers and much more...

You will receive the lion's share of the revenue whilst we focus upon delivering the maximum sales and publicity possible.

  • If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.
    Red Adair